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A Word From Denise

I believe we’ve reached the end of our means relying on our limited faculties of reason and willpower in our attempts to create happiness. It's truly safe to open in a deeper way and honor the call of our greater self and the cosmic, universal divine powers within us and surrounding us to guide us in creating the life we want to live rather than settling for the limitations of our fragmented ego mind. It's our life task to work with the ego fragmentation we brought into this lifetime, which is skewed in a defensive mode due to unresolved issues. It's our inverted life force that unconsciously works against us and betrays the best of who we are. The truth is that we need to accept that we have our origins in a universe where it's all one, where we are in complete unity with ourselves and all of life - and it's so full of positive pleasure that we cannot even have a negative thought. Deep in our cores, that's our true essence, our life force and where we came from.

We incarnated here to work out past life issues where we previously split off from our divine selves in a bit of an "adventure" into the unknown, and got lost. Each and every lifetime affords us the opportunities to heal a split off fragment that is based in egoic either/or aspects of personality. Wherever, whenever we simply accept that life on earth is dualistic, even though we are unitive beings, we can soften our defenses against life and others. We can be in the knowing, the deeper understanding that life on earth can be good and bad, painful and pleasurable, we can be right and wrong, we can win and lose, that there is life and death but we actually never really die, we just change form and transition back to our real home.

It's the acceptance of duality without forgetting there's a deeper part of us that remembers our power in the purest spiritual spheres where as soon as we had a thought and a feeling combined for what we wanted to experience, shazam - we had it! So due to this memory we experience frustration, insecurity, and often even hopelessness in our creation processes here on earth. When we accept that life on earth in not perfect and our experiences of duality doesn't mean there's anything wrong with us, and when we don't engage in defenses of submission, aggression (including passive aggression) and withdrawal, we transcend the duality. When we no longer have a demand on life and others, we transcend the duality and connect with our inner beings, where we already have it all, where we're already in unity, because that's who we really are.

There truly is nothing we ever need to resist within ourselves and it's been my experience that if we consciously decide to find our inverted divine essence and turn it around we can have gentle experiences of healing, rather than avoiding and repressing, which causes repeated suffering until we surrender to the inner work.  

We each have a life task of discovering our soul-splits; the wrong conclusions we carry about ourselves and life. These false beliefs must be questioned from many angles and challenged as to their truth. Every time we courageously meet the pain of our disappointments, rejections, disrespects, misunderstandings and any other wounding we prevent re-experiencing the vicious circles of what we have avoided or didn't get to in past lifetimes. The repeated willingness to feel whatever emotional reactions are bubbling up, rather than repressing them or projecting them onto life or another being, will eventually clear our soul substance so that our spirit shines freely from within.  

Many of us had less than ideal conditions growing up; we were not met in our real needs. In our need to survive rather than risk disconnection or separation from our loved ones, we denied and repressed the real needs and came to the wrong conclusion that there was something wrong with us; that somehow we were bad or something was wrong, unlovable, unworthy, undeserving, too much, not enough or not smart enough, not good looking enough, or even that we didn't matter at all. These emotions are extremely confusing and painful for an infant / child, so we unconsciously numb off from the pain of our unmet real needs, sometimes in order to survive and other times in an unconscious attempt to prevent further pain. Sometimes the home environment is one of crisis, a complete lack of harmony, empty or filled with a lack of safety, whether the parents realize they've created it or not... for what the parents have not reconciled from their own upbringing before our birth, we have to live it out with them. These patterns become deeply ingrained in our soul substance and because there is a magnetic force field to the soul (whether of a positive or negative quality) we are going to re-experience all that we carry within.  

Life (while it is not perfect) will often mirror back to us pretty much where we are and what we believe.  That is one of the beauties of life in that we learn to experience ourselves as co-creators and more deeply understand that due to spiritual /natural/ universal law, life is bound to receive us in all that we are in any given instant -- and that we can change, we will change whatever isn't working.  Sometimes it takes longer to correct but it always has to happen on the inner levels first. With any issue we might ask ourselves "What am I to learn about myself and life in this painful situation?"

Inside the nucleus of every single cell in our bodies we carry the imprint of who we truly are in the highest realms of cosmic intelligence, where we have the power to create all we will ever need for our fulfillment. We truly already have it all, it's already created in the spiritual spheres, it's there waiting for us to bring it home. Your true core essence, your stardust and your spiritual fluids are already organized in the most intelligent ways. You are a unique blend of powerfully creative and courageous love combined with peaceful wisdom. Your task, all our tasks is to excavate and bring out, and to express more and more of our loving, creative cores. 

Our work is to surrender to the process of shedding the layers of confusion, false beliefs, wrong conclusions and  most of all the separation from all that is loving, wise, powerful and full of peace within ourselves -- and is the very structure of life. The life force within and everywhere is both pro-creative urge and affection. The universe is bound by law to receive us - all of us; each aspect of ourselves whether in distortion or truth, and mirror it all back to us so that we can come to know ourselves as the co-creators of our own lives. 

Energy follows consciousness, blending back and forth, affecting each other. Whatever is still unconscious within us controls our lives with our negative creations stemming from our engaging in familiar patterns of negative pleasure, where our life force has attached onto something in order to survive. As adults we can transform those old patterns and free up our life force to engage in positive creation, pleasure and health on all levels.

If you’re willing, I can help you remember and reclaim your inner integrity, natural autonomy and authority.  I can assist you in deeply experiencing your inner being that is wise, lives in truth and can always show you the way.  You can move forward and create the life you want to live; whether it's more fulfilling relationships, a meaningful career, as well as more abundance and peace. 

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