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Sessions & Readings

Our work together is strictly confidential and focused on the issues you want to work with. My intention will always be to help you in your process of personal empowerment through gentle inner exploration and understanding of the causal factors of any issue. From your deeper perspective you hold all the keys to overcome any situation and align with your True Self. No matter what it is, whether you're in crisis or working on an exciting new creation, I would love to help.

*** Please note that with the exception of the deeper soul /process work or Mentorship sessions, your reading can be recorded on video, uploaded to YouTube and I send you a private link.  This is a solution in the event our time zones conflict or if we have already been working together and you have additional questions that have come up.  This option is especially good for the astrology readings.

To book your reading and/or personal process session you will need to pay for the length of time you'd like by using the booking link, at which time you can also choose from the appointments open. For the astrological readings I need two weeks after receiving back your completed questionnaire, which is absolutely confidential by the way.

If you would like an audio file of the reading to be sent over DropBox let me know ahead of time; and just in case there's a technical issue on my end you may want to take notes. If we are on Zoom you can record your session on that platform or I can record on the cloud for you and send you the link once I receive it from Zoom.  Many people also record their sessions on cell phones while using their computers, iPads or other tablets for our session.

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Legal Disclaimer Required: You must be 18 years or older to purchase a reading.  All readings are for spiritual purposes only.  Information provided is not to be substituted for any type of professional, legal, psychological and/or medical advice.  No guarantees are offered and all sales are final unless on my part, I am not able to give the reading or session or you decide to cancel within 24 hours of our appointment.  No refunds after sessions or readings but rescheduling and cancellations within 24 hours are accepted.

Tarot / Lenormand / Kipper / Oracle Reading

45 minutes


Tarot / Lenormand / Kipper / Oracle Reading

90 minutes


Yearly Solar (Birthday) Return, Transits, Progressions 
& Solar Arcs 

Written Report


Mentorship Sessions
& Readings

60 minutes


Tarot / Lenormand / Kipper / Oracle Reading

60 minutes


Astrological Birth Map Reading

~90 minutes


Astrological Relationship Compatibility

120 minutes


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