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About Denise


Certified Spiritual Therapist & Intuitive Empath


In the mid 80s to late 90s (in what feels like a previous lifetime) I owned a fitness company, working as a certified personal trainer and corporate fitness instructor for 15 years. While working with clients I became fascinated with the connection between the soul / psyche and the body. I often had to design a work-out routine around the limitation of physical pain and began wondering if it coincided with a personal issue they were going through, as they often would fill me in on their personal lives as we were walking or working out. Over the years I saw commonalities with personal issues in relationship or career that would show up in the physical, as well as emotions I could sense around them. I also noticed that life would somehow be reflecting where they were temporarily stuck in challenging situations and relationships and that also mirrored their beliefs.

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In the late 80's I kept having dreams of astrological symbols so I started studying astrology. I started offering professional readings in the late 90's and now I also offer birthday solar returns and transit readings to see what's coming up for you and to support the divine timing in your life.


In the early 90's I bought my first tarot deck and began having experiences of higher self guidance coming through in auditory, empathic, direct-knowing and sometimes hilarious physical signs to help me understand which way to go. Over the years I have had many, many divinely guided experiences.  I've also been blessed to hear about countless experiences from my clients. Needless to say, the tarot has been with me and, along with my physical empathic experiences, meditation and dream time guidance -- all of these means have guided me every step of the way. I began reading for others in 1998 and it continues to be one of my greatest pleasures.


In 1995 my longing to understand how the universe worked and the relationship between soul healing and spirituality prompted me to enroll in a 3-year, 500 hour on-site program in San Diego, California with the School for Enlightenment and Healing.  I graduated as a Certified Energy Worker and Spiritual Facilitator in 1998.  This school was my first immersion into spiritual, soul healing and transcendental meditation.  In 1999 I enrolled in a four year course with The Pathwork® Transformation Program in California, graduated in 2003; while also enrolling in their Helpership Training Program, which is their advanced four year program in order to facilitate for other souls.  In 2007 I graduated but extended my training for an extra year for teaching and group experience; being recognized for full Helpership in 2008.  Part of the curriculum requirements included giving 105 hours of personal process sessions and receiving supervision from Senior Pathwork® Helpers.


Currently, I offer personal process sessions and readings using your choice of astrology or cartomancy  where we meet over the phone, FaceTime or Zoom.  Sessions focus on my holding space for whatever you choose to work on, empowering your self-awareness, especially in regards to the inner conflicts that prevent you from creating what you want from life.  My commitment is to provide a gentle container to be with ‘what is’ and to nurture the process of freeing your inner being, layer by layer so that you're hooked back up with your original essence of your love, courage and your peaceful healthy, unflappable boundaries.

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