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Positive vs. Negative Pleasure


Creating Your Positive Reality

Understanding Positive vs. Negative Pleasure


Deep within each of us, and in every cell of our bodies lives our highest self, our inner being full of our unique blend of loving, creative, peaceful power. Embedded within we already have it all.  We have our truth, our inner guidance, our emotional integrity that lives in the present and can guide us; we have our unique self-expression with the power to share ourselves, and we have the peaceful, receptive capacity that can connect with each other and bask in the bliss and beauty surrounding us.  We have all this to continually create positive reality as we so choose, so it's important to remember that deep in our core and in the nucleus of each cell, we carry the blueprint, the imprint, the foundation of who we are in divine essence.  All that we are is impressed into the universe, and the universe is bound by law to receive us.  Of course as we evolve, our experience of life will evolve to match our new frequency.  

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Life in the purest spiritual spheres from which we originally hail, contain the cosmic forces of love, truth, creative power and serenity. Because we come from the oneness of pure positive pleasure we each have the real need to experience pleasure; it reminds us of who we are and being at home in our natural, spiritual state.  This real need for pleasure is so strong that as children we will attach some of our life force to painful situations in order to feel alive.  For a child, the experience of having no connection to anyone, of being alone is more frightening than having a painful connection with his or her parent.  Children will opt for the latter, but to protect themselves from the pain of the negative situation they will attach their life force to it.  The life force, or energy, is pleasurable in and of itself no matter what it is attached to.  Whether or not our caretakers are able to love us, we will nevertheless form attachments with them in order to feel alive.  

In this process some of our life force will become cross-wired into circuits of negative pleasure in varying degrees.  When these cross-currents haven't been acknowledged, accepted, processed through and seen clearly for the damage they do in our lives, they continue to create the opposite of what we want. These cross-currents contain our unprocessed past and are the forces within that are responsible for magnetizing most of the painful and unpleasant situations in our lives today.  If we are unaware of them, we become slaves to them; they control us. 

Once we can see where and how our pleasure principle or life force is connected to negative, painful situations, we can work to re-orient this inner power to truly positive and fulfilling experiences -- and in this way, re-write, "re-right" our destinies.

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